Sometimes it’s what’s not said
that counts the most.

For example (the cliche) —
if you say, “I love you,” to someone
and they don’t respond…
we all know.
That’s not good.

Or if you say, “What’s up?”
and you’re met with total silence.
(something’s up)

Or if you say, “What do you think?”
and they don’t move or breathe and lick their lips
and look down…
(believe me, they’re thinking something…
and, most likely, you don’t want to hear it)

Or if you say, “Don’t you agree?”
and they don’t respond.
and. don’t. respond.
and. don’t. respond.
(entire fields of crickets are chirping)

Silence is more powerful than any words.
More devastating.
More piercing to the heart.
More gut-wrenching to your character.

We know this, from life.

Sometimes, few words
make the worst case scenario
pound with intensity.

(The stuff between the lines
makes the story powerful.)

* Thup