What’s this blog about?
Five words: Creating your work with excellence.

No, let me change that.
It’s more.
It’s creating so that people listen.
Growing and developing your ideas.
Dynamically reaching a bigger audience.
Supporting yourself doing it.
And enjoying the process.
(Okay, that’s more than five words.)

Seriously, this is a blog for serious writers and serious creators who have a drive to succeed and, in the process, don’t take themselves too seriously.
I’m serious.

To hone the craft yet, at the same time, enjoy life.
To do the work. As in, don’t talk. Don’t surf. Sit.
(Stop calling yourself a writer and write.)
(Stop calling yourself an artist and create.)
(Stop calling yourself a speaker and speak.)
(Stop saying you’re going to get that business up and running and do it.)
(Well, you get the picture.)

Enough whip cracking. We all have lives. Most are quite full, thank you, mine included. (I get that.) But with the same 24 hours, it’s time we intentionally slide the creative part of our souls into the day, and commit to it.

Are you a creator?
Do you have a story to tell?
Do you have a passion to share?
Do you have a business to launch?
Then let’s do it.

Wondering what topics are covered here?
We talk entrepreneurial idea-making and business building.
We talk writing of all kinds. Nonfiction. Fiction. Online and offline.
We talk communication in person. Words. Body language. Form, content, and passion.
(Because writing and speaking are the roads our passions ride on.)
And I warn you, we even talk academic once in awhile, if it helps to get to what we need.
(Don’t run away screaming.)

The style here is short.
To break things down into little pieces. (Practical.) To analyze the how-to in parts. To make us all think and then think again. And then to act.
(Always act.)

Yes, we’ll talk about money. To know what to do, to make more than enough. To support our families, to grow our dreams, and to be able to give to others.
(Let’s be honest, money helps us give into others’ lives in a big way.)

And, most importantly, we’ll talk about giving value to others. Because if we’re about giving the best of ourselves — giving the highest value-based information and actions possible — Well, then, we not only find our audience, but we also have a mutual connection and admiration that, to coin a phrase, makes the world a better place.
(Everybody wins.)

It’s important not to zombie through the day. To get rid of that “OMGollyGeeWhizzo, what did I really do today?” reality that sucks our life away.

I’m a believer in life-long learning. To never stop. True Confessions: I want to be 99 and watching a how-to webcast — or whatever they have, then — with tattered notebook in hand…and then go share it with someone.

Because in order to be great, we need to be in the trenches of transformation. Constantly. To read blogs, books, and articles. To go to conferences and artist hangouts. To read and watch and listen and try.

But let’s get real: We have to stop getting lost in learning and act. You see, chasing information and staying there is a trap.

You and I will make it simple. Prioritize. Work the steps. And get to your dream.
Oh…and drink coffee together.
(Always drink coffee.)
* Cheers!