Focus, Create, Repeat -- with Erin M. Brown, MA, MFA

Action points for the writer, entrepreneur, and thought leader who wants to write it down, get it done, and make an impact…

About this blog…

What’s this blog about?
Five words: Creating your work with excellence.

No, let me change that.
It’s more. It’s creating so that people listen. Growing and developing your ideas.
Dynamically reaching a bigger audience. And supporting yourself doing it.

This is a blog for serious writers and serious creators who have a drive to succeed and, in the process, don’t take themselves too seriously.
I’m serious.

Hone the craft and, at the same time, enjoy life.
Do the work. As in, don’t talk. Don’t surf. Sit. Work.
(Stop calling yourself a writer and write.)
(Stop calling yourself an artist and create.)
(Stop calling yourself a speaker and speak.)
(Stop saying you’re going to get that business up and running and do it.)
You get the picture.

Enough whip cracking. We all have lives, and most are quite full, thank you, mine included. (I get that.) But it’s time the creative part of our souls gets its fair share of the day.

Are you a creator? Do you have a story to tell?
Do you have a passion to share?
Do you have a business to launch?
Let’s do it.

What topics are covered here?
Writing how-to. Fiction. Nonfiction. Online and offline.
Entrepreneurial idea-making and business building.
Effective in-person communication. Words. Body language.

Form, content, and passion.

The style is short — 
in little, practical pieces. Pieces we can quickly think about and act on.

I’m a believer in life-long learning. I want to be 99 and watching a how-to webcast — or whatever they have in the future — with tattered notebook in hand. To be in the trenches of transformation. Constantly learning with blogs, books, and articles. At conferences and artist hangouts. Reading and watching and listening and trying.

Start here. Read. Then immediately act. Chasing information and staying there is a trap. Yes — stop getting lost in learning and act. Prioritize. Work the steps. Get to your dream.

Oh…and drink coffee.
(Always drink coffee.)
* Cheers

Erin M. Brown, MA, MFA


8 thoughts on “About this blog…

  1. So much of my own process springs from the constant negotiation between vulnerability and my environment – long walks (after coffee) drawing the nourishing air deep into my lungs, surrendering to the life force so present here on the Olympic Peninsula, and how this feeds a certain calm, what I think of as serene composure.

    More a process of nurturing that ever valuable sense of wonder without which I would not long survive than the prescription for longevity in creativity, although it certainly works well each way. I love most of all how you encourage the sensible, the accessible artist to work. To work! This is a useful credo. You suggest that one need not suffer for art, that we can leave it to the Muse (my own pespective) as to who gets struck by lightning — I agree to show up every day, and write.

    I do, and I find a familiarity in the way you extol the virtues of this work in your langauge, with enthusiasm and style and no small smattering of grace. Plus, you mention dogs.

    Instant win.

    I hope this finds you dancing with the willows in the park. It will gladly wait.

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