Editing Rates & Testimonials

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But beware:
Not all editors are equal.

Get an editor who’s experienced.

Who knows the ropes and can turn your work around fast, with
quality edits and powerful feedback for excellence.

You get that here.

testimonial-icon“WOW. The suggestions and changes you made were great — you’ve exceeded my expectations. I’m very grateful for you input and support and have learned so much just within this short article. Thanks for your encouragement and sharing your vast knowledge. I appreciate you and your efforts.”
~ Kennedy “Chip” Brown (US), November 2016

You get…

* An international editor and writer with 30 years of experience
* The expertise of a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing, Genre Fiction
* A story judge who has worked with the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Vivians/Ritas competition, anthology competitions, and more.

testimonial-icon“The one-on-one is great — exactly what I needed to get my book to a new level. Thank you.” ~ Children’s book author, New Jersey (US), May 2015

You want someone who really knows what they’re doing — who’s been at it for a long time. (There are too many so-called editors without the experience or expertise, so it makes sense to get your editing here.)

testimonial-icon“Thank you so much. You’re a star. I love your ideas and the way you help me to shape my words. it’s a pleasure to work with you.” ~ Ph.D. Business Owner designing an international news website (Netherlands), August 2014

“I’m loving working on refining & improving with my awesome editor Erin Brown… Learning so much & so excited about this book!”
~ James Prescott, blogger/book author (UK), November 2015

Editing rates are comparable to the EFA and
Writer’s Digest recommendations.

Check out these specific details…

Book & Manuscript Editing

All prices are subject to change and are based on word count and a variety of factors discussed together before a contract is signed.

>> Copy Editing

A copy editor is the last person who touches your work before publication. Copy editing includes checking final pages for grammar, spelling, usage, and style. I look for libel and plagiarism concerns, tighten wordy prose, smooth awkward transitions, and note passages that need additional work for clarity. Copy editing includes cutting jargon, giving suggestions for fresh wording, and making your text fit the required word count. In short, copy editing cleans your work and makes it ready for publication.

Copy Editing Average rate*
$4 per page (=$1,280 for an 80,000-word manuscript)

>> Line Editing

Both copy editing and line editing mark up your pages for excellence. But line editing goes beyond combing your work for errors. Line editing focuses on your writing style (is this fluid, easy to read, and powerfully connecting with the reader?) and creative content (does your choice of words give the tone and connection that you want?). I include line-by-line suggestions for sentence length and arrangement; suggestions to alleviate confusion and take out narrative digressions; and suggestions for word or phrases that increase understanding and emotional connection to your reader.

Line Editing Average rate*
2.5 cents per word (=$2,000 for an 80,000-word manuscript)

>> Content Editing // Developmental Editing

Content editing, or “developmental editing,” can also be called substantive editing because it focuses on developing the content and substance of your work.

Is developmental editing for me?
Whether you have a wisp of an idea for your story and want to flesh out that idea — or your story has begun and you’re feeling stuck — or your story’s completed draft is in your hands and you’re ready to dig in and take it to the next level — developmental editing may be the starting point for you.

Fiction Writing
Developmental editing passes along to you the most important elements of fiction writing that may not be showing up in your manuscript…

>> Creating a structure that hits the necessary beats for a strong story
>> Developing plot direction, plot and scene peaks, scene resolutions, and a “growth of the story” throughout
>> Character development, addressing the ways the story introduces, describes, and unfolds your characters’ flaws, fears, failures, hopes, dreams, and behaviors that change over the story
>> Developing an honest, authentic creation of the setting, including believable world building
>> Sculpting believable dialogue that flows, including dialogue tags that make sense
>> And more…

Content editing is also about making sure that your plot, characters, and dialogue are consistent; making sure your subplots show up and make sense; that your theme shows up throughout; that your hero’s motivation, needs, and wants are addressed; archetypal characters show up with flair and impact; and your reader is drawn into your hero’s journey organically, in a smooth succession of events.

Nonfiction Writing
For nonfiction book writers, content editing is about making sure your message is linear and clear; that your first words draw the reader into the beginning and each chapter in a “must-know” thirst; that your last words leave the reader with a “what now?” moment that challenges thinking and action; and that your internal content has flow and isn’t missing explanations, examples, or descriptions that give your reader an “aha!” that keeps the reader reading to the end of your book.

>> Move Your Idea Forward & Have a Solid Plan: Ideation & Developmental Editing Rates // Consulting Rates 

If you’re at the very beginning of the idea for your book — and you want to know if your idea’s viable or complete — then an hour (or two) of consulting is for you. You’ll walk away with solidified direction, a plan, and (if your idea is far enough along) a book outline. It’s $127 per hour, $77 per half hour.

Hourly Rate Discount
If you have purchased one of my courses, are a repeat client, or are affiliated with Aquinas Writing Advantage, discounts may apply. Simply contact me.

* “Average rate” is based on an assessment of the work’s level of completeness. Before we begin and after a free overview of your text, we agree together on a set-rate contracted amount. To view typical editorial rates, visit the Editorial Freelancers Association here.

Make it Happen!

How it Works
~ You contact me.
~ I check out your book’s manuscript.
~ I send to you the level of editing that I can provide, depending on the level of completeness of your manuscript.
~ I send a quote.
~ We agree to work together and sign a contract.
~ Payments IN FULL is made via Paypal, and we begin.

testimonial-icon“I can’t begin to thank you enough…. You truly have been a Godsend.” ~Jennifer, June 2020

Articles (Professional & Web/Online)

If your web or online article needs to be edited…
Getting fresh eyes on your work can make your words clear and powerful. But more than that, you’ll get positive, forward-moving responses to your work: people who understand your point, shake their heads “yes” with you, and know how to take the next-step action that you want them to take, after reading your work.

Whether your goal is to help your reader understand your passion
or move your reader to click and buy,
editing makes your work stronger.

Article Editing Rate:
Get up to 5 pages* of Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced text editing…
>> One run-through with feedback, $50
>> Two run-throughs with feedback, $65
* For more than 5 pages, contact me for a quote

How it works…

~ You contact me.
~ You and I talk about the details, goals, and deadlines for your article or web/online content.
~ I let you know how fast I can turn your work around.
~ You prepay via PayPal.
~ You send your article in a Word document.
~ I give extensive feedback via Track Changes and internal notes.
~ Your work is returned.

Sound good? Contact me here!

Feel free to contact me for more info. I’m happy to help.

I look forward to working together.


PS.  If you’re not sure exactly what you need, don’t worry.
We can figure that out together when you contact me.

PPS. As of May 2019, I’m open for limited projects.
So contact me now, if you’re interested.

Private Consulting Policies

Payment: Payment must be made 48 hours before a consultation.

Cancellation: It’s understood that “life happens” with illness, emergencies, and changing plans. If you are ill or have an emergency, an “in person” appointment may be rescheduled. However, there are no refunds for appointments not cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the appointment for reasons other than illness or emergency. Thank you.

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