Thought-leader, entrepreneur, creator-artist with a drive and #goals to
make a living at your passion —

This is for you.

You want simple, doable, practical how to’s to launch, propel your work forward, and get it done – to write crisp words, create your dream, and stay motivated.
To better your game your craft, you’re in the right place.

Join me for a cup of coffee and powerful words to
be encouraged, be inspired, and get to your goals.


I’m Erin Brown, MA, MFA (aka author Erin Brown Conroy and EB Conroy),
a professional writer for over 30 years, a professional speaker just as long, and a personal coach for over 20 years.

I work internationally with entrepreneurs and writers to
* Powerfully share your ideas with crisp, strong text
* Write your book using clear 1-2-3 methods
* Get your message to your followers, your people, your students, and even your child through online materials, courses, books, and interactions that go beyond the norm because they’re sparked with The Mastery Learning Principle.

Now, something to consider:
I’m not part of the newbie crowd who thinks they’ve got it sorted and,
in reality, has not been-there-done-that.

In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than getting “advice” that’s costly.
So don’t waste your time and money spinning your wheels
with those “teaching” and “coaching” who aren’t qualified.

Get the results you need and have wanted for a long time. 

Find my books here on Amazon, including the internationally-enjoyed  Simplified Writing 101: Top Secrets for College Success.


I’ve also enjoyed the honor of

  • Designing and overseeing online programs (currently developing and supervising here)
  • Teaching at two colleges in writing, leadership and interpersonal communication, organizational development, research, the fine arts, and wellness (here and here, 15+ years)
  • Speaking across the world in webinars, podcasts, and radio (since the early 80s)
  • Guiding the publishing of books and supporting authors as the CEO of the small press Celtic Cross Communications/Celtic Cross Publishing (since 2000)
  • Designing and overseeing True North Reading, a worldwide learn-to-read-and-spell program available online for your kids.I’m a member of the
  •  Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)
  • Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)
  • The Author’s Guild (AG full member)
  • If you need a book of the highest caliber or you dream of putting out an online course that creates evergreen income, then contact me. I’d love to talk together and see how to put your process on fire and make your end-product happen.


performance 1 - notebook and pen

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in creative writing/genre fiction (WSCU)

Coffee lover.

Cup in hand. Always.

Influence Story:
On graduation day with that first degree, the 86-year-old commencement speaker stepped up to the mic. White hair blazing, head held high, she waved her hand across the audience with a challenge: “Every day is a gift. What incredible things will you do with your life? Never stop growing. Never stop learning. I’ve traveled around the world twice and am ready for the third time…and a fourth…and a fifth. You never know what you can accomplish, but it’s most likely more than you think. No excuses. Dive in. And keep diving.”

* Cheers 
Or shall I say, holding up my cardboard cup from Starbucks,
* Thup