“If you’re a thought leader, entrepreneur, or creator-artist with a drive and #goals to make a living with your passion — then this site is for you.”

What’s this blog about?
Five words: Creating your work with excellence.

No, let me change that.
It’s more. It’s creating so that people listen. Growing and developing your ideas.
Dynamically reaching a bigger audience. And supporting yourself doing it.

This is a blog for serious writers and serious creators who have a drive to succeed and, in the process, don’t take themselves too seriously.
I’m serious.

Hone the craft and, at the same time, enjoy life.
Do the work. As in, don’t talk. Don’t surf. Sit. Work.
(Stop calling yourself a writer and write.)
(Stop calling yourself an artist and create.)
(Stop calling yourself a speaker and speak.)
(Stop saying you’re going to get that business up and running and do it.)
You get the picture.

Enough whip cracking. We all have lives, and most are quite full, thank you, mine included. (I get that.) But it’s time the creative part of our souls gets its fair share of the day.

Are you a creator? Do you have a story to tell?
Do you have a passion to share?
Do you have a business to launch?
Let’s do it.

What topics are covered here?
Writing how-to. Fiction. Nonfiction. Online and offline.
Entrepreneurial idea-making and business building.
Effective in-person communication. Words. Body language.

Form, content, and passion.

The style is short — 
in little, practical pieces. Pieces we can quickly think about and act on.

I’m a believer in life-long learning. I want to be 99 and watching a how-to webcast — or whatever they have in the future — with tattered notebook in hand. To be in the trenches of transformation. Constantly learning with blogs, books, and articles. At conferences and artist hangouts. Reading and watching and listening and trying.

Start here. Read. Then immediately act. Chasing information and staying there is a trap. Yes — stop getting lost in learning and act. Prioritize. Work the steps. Get to your dream.

Oh…and drink coffee.
(Always drink coffee.)

* Cheers!
Erin Bio Pic 2019_______________________________________________________________ 
I’m Erin Brown, MA, MFA
(aka author Erin Brown Conroy/EB Conroy), a professional writer, speaker, book editor, and personal writing coach (fiction and nonfiction) for over 20 years.

I work internationally with entrepreneurs and writers to

* Powerfully share your ideas with crisp, strong text.
* Write your book using clear steps and surefire methods.
* Get your message to your readers and followers.

Official Bio
The author of nine books, Erin has been a professional writer, editor, and speaker for over 25 years. Erin has developed over 100 complete on-the-ground and online courses… and tens of thousands of presentations, learning lessons, curriculum guides, lectures, articles, and more for independent education companies, web programs, and universities — including complete how-to writing courses and entire programs in fiction, nonfiction, and academic writing.

Erin taught as faculty at Cornerstone University’s Professional and Graduate Studies Division (for writing, leadership and management, interpersonal communications, organizational development, and strategic management courses); was online teaching faculty and designed online courses at Patrick Henry College (writing, and research); and served as the lead Communications Curriculum Developer in Academic Programs, Department of General Education, for Western Governors University (writing, interpersonal communications, and critical thinking).

Erin has been speaking LIVE at conferences, in online presentations, on recordings and podcasts, and on radio shows since the 80s. For over 30 years, Erin has been a professional writer and editor; a fiction writing judge for international writing organizations, competitions, and conferences (SCBWI, RWA); and has judged entries for published anthologies. She is also a winner of one of the coveted Superstars Writing Seminar scholarships (fiction writing) for 2020 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Erin has a bachelor’s degree in education, a masters in rehabilitation, and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing, Genre Fiction, from Western Colorado University (2015).

Erin created and leads True North Reading, a worldwide learn-to-read-and-spell program for kids ages 2-15, and since the 90s, has been coaching book authors worldwide.

Erin is also a member of…

Find Erin’s books here on Amazon, including Simplified Writing 101.


Better your craft — write crisp and powerful words.
Launch and propel your work forward.
Stay motivated.
And get what you need to set your process on fire and publish your work.

To see where Erin’s speaking next and to see her “live,” go here.
To bring Erin to your conference to speak, go here.
To get coaching and consulting, where Erin helps you write and edit your book, go here.

Contact Erin here.



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