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Fiction —

  • How to Make Dynamic, Memorable Characters We Care About
  • Plot and Structure 411 (to Avoid 911)
  • Secrets to Capturing Theme, Style, and Point of View
  • Creating Better Dialogue: Intertwining Character Action, Setting, and Intriguing Form to Make It Real
  • Secrets to Sizzling Conflict for Page-Turning Stories
  • Capturing and Training your Muse: Slaying Procrastination, Increasing Productivity
  • The Hero’s Journey and your Story (the Low-down, Why-for, and Get-Some)
  • How to Make your Novel Strong with Secrets from Screenwriters

Nonfiction —

  • From Concept to Conclusion: How to Wrangle your Ideas into a Sellable Book
  • Memoir: Capturing your Story with Depth and Pizzazz
  • Growing your Blogosphere: The How-to 411 for Crisp Content and More Followers


Especially for Colleges and Universities…
Bring me in to speak with your faculty.

Grading Consistency and How-To Secrets

  • Help your non-writing faculty know what to look for in grading student work
  • Make faculty feedback consistent across courses
  • Get everyone on the same page with better responses, for better faculty-student connection and higher learning

Train your Faculty for Dynamic Online Teaching

  • Help your online faculty know how to capture viewers online
  • Make faculty aware of mistakes they’re making — and be able to fix them
  • Get your top teachers better

When you bring me in, you get experience, expertise, and
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