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The 2 hour intensive from Erin Brown [on conflict] — wow. Just wow. Erin said it would be MFA level material and she wasn’t kidding! So much helpful information about ratcheting up conflict in your novel by infusing tension into every scene. What made Erin’s workshop even better was that she gave us specific techniques to act on–by the end of the workshop, I was itching to get out my WIP and lock myself in a room to dig in.” — Kathy Higgs-Coulthard, author of Hanging with My Peeps, Director of Michiana Writers’ Center (October, 2019)

Phenomenal presentation on novel structure. I can apply what was said immediately, to see results.”

Erin Brown’s session [on Plot and Structure] was the most helpful to me. It forced me to take a more critical look at the structure of my story.”

Loved the Plot and Structure session by Erin Brown. I learned an amazing amount of information and she provided us with a wealth of resources!”

I loved Erin Brown…She’s smart, kind, funny, generous with her time, and very entertaining.”

“What a fabulous afternoon, filled with information and ideas! Detailed, insightful, and useful information — coupled with advice regarding application. Thank you!” — Elizabeth McBride, author of Most Beautiful, Professor Emeritus of Hope College, and Fellow of the National Writing Project’s Red Cedar Writing Project (October 2019)

Valuable insights. Erin’s presentation [on conflict] brought clarity by applicable means for specific usage of story tension and reinforced the need for story arc within each chapter. The takeaways were many.” — Linda Geiger (October 2019)

Bring Erin in for these Conference Sessions,
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Sessions on Fiction Writing —

  • Plot…

    The Plot and Structure Master Guide: How One Simple Document Can Make Your Story’s Structure Strong

    From MFA programs, to Pixar movies, to LA writer’s rooms — patterns of structure, plot, and character development show up time and again. Throughout the ages, master storytellers and researchers have shown us that story is more than a simple three-act structure. But does using a specific story structure help or hurt the way that we create story? Does story mapping, outlining, and meeting specific plot-point targets slow us down, creating cookie-cutter stories — or does story mapping speed up the creative process — and actually make us more creative? Finally, is there such a thing as a “great map” that can help us develop our stories more easily? Join this session for story structure wisdom and hands-on takeaways — including a Master Map distilling plot and structure guidelines from the likes of Joseph Campbell, Blake Snyder, Michael Hauge, Houston Howard, and more.

  • Characters…

    How to Introduce a Character According to the Pros: Examples from Famous Authors and Easy-to-Use Templates to Make Your Character Intros Shine

    It has been said that both plot and characters make a book marvelous to read and enjoy — and endearing, memorable characters are arguably the critical cornerstone to any story’s success. Is there a special way to introduce characters, to create enchantment at that exact moment when the character steps onto the page? Join us as Erin presents interesting (and surprising) patterns and “formulas” for introducing our characters — with examples of how bestselling authors use patterns to introduce their characters in ways that captivate readers.


  • Conflict…

    Make Your Book a Page-Turner: How to Ramp Up Conflict and Create Raving-Fan Readers

    Imagine: Your eyes dart across the words—your breath quickens—your fingers hover, ready to flip the page—because the story’s hero is in profound trouble, and you simply have to know—what’s going to happen next? Readers seek the rush of “a book we can’t put down” and authors long to create pulse-thumping stories with raving-fan readers. But exactly how do we make it happen? The answer is in conflict—arguably the number one attribute at the heart of what makes a story great. Join this workshop and learn best-selling authors’ conflict-ramping secrets while we tap into tropes, tips, and techniques that can help you finally create that slam-dunk storyline you’ve always imagined. Whether crafting a picture book, creating a middle grade story, composing a YA novel, or constructing an intricate and cathartic escape for adult readers – you’ll walk away from his workshop with actionable ways to make your story a page-turner.

Sessions on Writing Nonfiction —

  • From Concept to Conclusion: Craft Your Ideas into a Sellable Book
  • Your Author Site: Secrets to Sculpting an Online Page for Click-Throughs


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