To write or not to write…

I hate to say it, but that is not the question. Writers write.

This is a blog for serious writers who don’t take themselves too seriously.
To hone the craft yet poke fun at ourselves. And to do the work.
As in, don’t talk. Don’t surf. Sit.
(Stop calling yourself a writer and write.)

Okay, enough whip cracking. We all have lives. Most of our lives are quite full, mine included. (13 kids. Really. But only 4 at home now, so, hey.)

Back to the point. Write.

I’m a firm believer in life-long learning, to hone the craft. In order to be a great writer, we need to be in the trenches of transformation. I charge you to read blogs, books, and articles. But don’t get lost. We writers tend to peruse the web for how-to-write wisdom and meander into tertiary info streams. ADD moments. Chasing information moments. We even take classes in expensive MFA programs, hoping to expand our abilities at light speed — so that the internal yearning to produce brilliant word combinations will be soothed at least a tad. But I digress.

Yes. Learning is critical.

But writers write. Daily.

So make it simple. Prioritize. Make time for family. Then put writing in the calendar and do it.

Oh…and, as always: drink coffee.

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