* Clink.

I’m *Clinking at home
across the miles
to you.
(No coffee shops for me, today.)

I have my own REALLY BIG mug
(filled to the brim with “midnight oil”
from Water Street).

I have some REALLY BIG stuff to do
with some REALLY BIG resolve to get it done.
(A looooooooonnnnngg list of to-dos.)

in between grading a boatload of student work
and reading a script for a course
and writing a beat sheet,
I will write my current WIP/novel.

I W.I.L.L.

Will. And must.

With the help of Mirriam-Webster, the definition of will
can be turned into some pretty nifty affirmations
that you and I can use.

(Because sometimes we just need to be affirmed.)

* Will = desire, choice, willingness, consent
It is my desire to write, and
I make a choice to write

* Will = frequent, customary, or habitual action
I will write often. I will make it a custom, a habit.

* Will = natural tendency or disposition
It is natural  for me to write, and
writing fulfills my deepest calling.

* Will = futurity
Writing will happen today, tomorrow, and the following day.
It is a part of who I am,
every day.

* Will = capability
I am a capable writer.

* Will = probability
The probability of writing is a foregone conclusion.
I WILL write.

* Will = determination, insistence, persistence, or willfulness
I am determined to write.
I insist and persist.
(I even get bull-headed about it.)

* Will = inevitability
With frequency, it is inevitable that my writing
will increase in skill and desirability.

*Will = a command, exhortation, or injunction
I exhort myself
(and you can come along for the ride,
if you’d like):


(Writers write.)

* Clink.

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