new location.

I’ve changed locations, for today.
(New coffee shop.)
And with a bagel-filled grin and a sip,
I *thup to you, across the miles.

(*lightbulb moment)
Change of location. Change of location. Change of location.

You see, the scene I’m writing right now is dragging.
(Way dragging. Gah. As in s.t.u.c.k. Words and no movement.)
And, by golly, I now know why.

The location has grown old
(as in, “Alright already! We’re tired of this field!”).
They’re staying too long in once place. One location.

Duh. It’s time to change the location.
(Standing there talking is b.o.r.i.n.g.)

If your scene is dragging, too,
then maybe a simple move-to-a-new-place
(or a dialogue-while-your-character’s-moving)
is in order.
(‘Tis for me.)

Sometimes it’s so easy, it stares you in the face
and makes google eyes at you.

By the way, Tony Robbins (cool dude)
says that a change of physical movement
and a change of physical place,
are two ways to get us to change our internal states.

I believe him.
Change your body,
change your place,
influence your way to a new state.
(Moral of the story: get moving.)

Hm. (again.)
Like always, writerly stuff completely relates to life, in general.
(Yeah, there’s an analogy in everything.)

Good thing we had coffee here, together.

* Thup

P.S. (Disclaimer) Please-oh-please don’t take this as me telling you that you should move across the country or world, to make life better. nope. Just sayin’: characters need to move in space. We sometimes need a physical change, to give a new perspective. That can be as simple as going to a new coffee shop. Right? That’s all. Simple. * Thup

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