fight back.

Creativity busters.
We all have ’em.
They’re the outside-life stuff that
suck the creativity right out of you.
(“They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!”)

Right now,
I’m growling at my creativity busters
(grrrrrrrrrrrrrr) that are trying to
do what they always do.

I’m challenging them.
(“Come on! You think you can take me down?!
No. Way. Put ’em up! Let’s go!”)

Now, I don’t like those nasty creativity busters —
those outside things frantically trying to put creativity out.

My screenwriter-producer/writing buddy/friend recently asked me,
“How can you write a blog,
when you’ve got that other writing stuff
staring you in the face,
not just waiting, but screaming at you to get it accomplished?”

The blog is a creativity warm up.

No matter the creativity buster banging on the door,
screaming, threatening, distracting,
for me, writing begets writing.

Kind of like love.
When you give love away,
it doesn’t run out.
It multiplies.

One of my MFA instructors
taught me quite a bit about getting to the muse
through different artistic mediums.
(Painting has been working for me, too.

The Festival cropped )

Whatever fights back at your creativity buster,
I think you should do it.
(Even if it doesn’t feel like you want to.)
Just sayin’.

* Thup


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