Squash is often part of a
traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

But I’m not talkin’ food, here.
I’m talkin’ about an unfriendly verb action,
as in to squash.
(the shuts-you-down kind)

What squashes your inspiration?
What squishes your muse?
What obliterates your creativity productivity?

Certain emotions? People? Recurring circumstances? Schedule?

All of these squash,
at one time or another.
(that’s life. squashing happens.)

If one of these things
(emotions, people, circumstances, schedule)
constantly squashes
(as in it.keeps.coming.back.again.and.again.
in a bad way),
then maybe,
just maybe,
something needs to change.

Just sayin’.

Life isn’t only about writing.
(we know this)

But if writing is your heart,
and something is showing up as the squasher
and over
and over,
Well, then.

Nurture the heart.
Change the place and pace.
And put people into your life
who nurture.

Rework, re-form, remix.
(there’s always a way)

* Thup