I can’t do the splits.
My kids can.
(really well…especially with a coach)

Splits can be REALLY AMAZING.
I’m talkin’ Jean Claude Van Damme, Volvo Style.


Some days are split days.
(we need to learn to do the splits)

I’m not talking about physically.
I’m talking with time.

I have to remind myself:
Splitting things up can be good.
(it’s not all marathon moments)

I tend to think that I need a HUGE chunk of time
to write.
(I don’t)

I tend to think that I need to write
JUST in the morning or
JUST in the afternoon or
JUST in the evening.
(I don’t)

Today, splits.
There’s something really cool to go do,
(helping to be ready for a really cool thingamabob)
smack dab in the middle of the day.
Deadlines loom, but I won’t panic.

Today, splits.
‘Tis the season to focus on family,
at times that may not be convenient for writing.
Deadlines scream, but I won’t panic.

(live in the moment)
Do the splits.

Writing AM.
(do stuff)
Writing PM.

In-between, I’ll try not to stress.
(Writers under deadline get this.
And I suspect that splits can be applied many ways.
Just sayin’.)

* Thup

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