mug love.

Okay, I admit it.
I love coffee mugs.

I have a mug collection that’s
and nerdy
and funny
and inspiring
and beautiful
and silly
and thought-provoking.

(different mugs for different moods, right?)
(and, yes, I use them for tea, too. *lifts pinkie)

So, hey,
I thought that we could
love the same mugs together.

Because, you know,
since we write together
across the miles,

>>> thupping our to-go mugs in “Salute!”
(while we work at coffee shops)
>>> clinking our ceramic mugs in “Cheers!”
(while we work at home)
>>> living the mantra “write. drink coffee. repeat.”
(emphasis on the WRITE part)

….click click click click click
backspace backspace…
click click …
*long pause…rubs brow…takes a sip
HMMM…delete delete…delete…highlights-block-DELETE!
*heavy sigh

*takes a sip
click click click click click…
(ad infinitum)

Our like-mug thupping & clinking
would be a supercool thing to do.
(I think.)

So if you feel so inclined to lift a mug with me,
check these out:

MUG 1, two sided…

MUG 2, two-sided…

* Siiiiiggggghhhhh
(I’m in love.)

And when my web guy gets back this week
(yes, I have a web guy…who’s amazing, btw),
you can get these. Here.

Time to dive into story.

* Thup

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