I believe
The Hero’s Journey.
is in.
and everything.

Do you know the Hero’s Journey?
(I usually don’t do wiki articles,
but if you want to read up on it,
this is actually pretty good)

When I say that the Hero’s Journey
is in everything,
here’s what I mean:

Because we are bound by time,
all is a journey.

We start here.
And we end there.
(with bumps along the road.
expect them.)

Even in visual art,
the eye starts in one place
and ends in another.

We move.
We walk through.
We experience.
step. by. step.

Linear is important.

Get this:
If we don’t create art
(in words or form)
that is linear —

keeping track on how
the reader/experiencer
moves through the work —

then we may lose
the reader/experiencer.

We want to hold the reader’s hand
and not miss a step.

We want to purposefully,
have the reader
start here
and end there.
(lead the reader)

We want to purposefully,
have the person looking at our artwork
start here
and end there.
(lead the viewer)

That means.
We need to know
where HERE and THERE are.

Okay. yes.
sometimes art dashes off road.
(and I have to admit, that’s fun)

But. okay.
having at least a map in the car
is a good idea.
(just in case)

Travel with a map.
Value the map.
Use the map.
(because with the map,
you can veer off with no worries
and get right back on the road).

I’m traveling today.
I know the route.
But it’s still nice to hear Siri’s affirmation
that I’m on track.

Map it out.
Have an end game.


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