the awning.

As a writer (or any artist, really)
with an unfinished project waiting to be completed,
it feels like there’s an awning over my head.


(you writers/artists know what I’m talking about)

It’s not that the awning is bad. (it’s not)
It’s not that the awning is good. (it’s not)

It just is.

I used to fret about this awning.
(Something Hanging Over My Head At All Times)
It felt heavy. Dark.

But now I have a new perspective.

So when Life with a Capital L
Happens in a Flurry
(good or bad),
I sip my coffee,
ponder the next target time to write,
get out my bow,
and shoot for it.

<<don’t fret>>

You see,
I use this blog as a warm up
to writing story.
(write to get writing)


Yesterday Life swooshed by,
standing in shopping lines
and spending way too much time
doing things that just had to be done.
(I drank coffee and let it swoosh.)

Today, Life swooshes again.
(and I’m guessing that I’m not alone,
that just maybe, you’re feeling the same)

Here in Michigan,
the weather outside is frightful.
(ice storm, anyone?)

I don’t have a fireplace,
so “delightful” comes in the fact that
we have power.
(thankful for the little things, eh?)

I do have places to go.
(but won’t go on those roads. nope.
on my fourth cup of coffee and
headed to wrap presents.)

Forget about snow.
Let it swoosh.
Let it swoosh.
Let it swoosh.

Accept the awning.
Peace on Earth.
Good Will toward Writers and Artists, All.

(for yesterday AND today)

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