forced compliance.

(Warning: Poetic Rumblings Ahead)

Can you force creativity?

Can you make it take a breath
and rise to run a 5K?

In other words,
can you make your mind create —
no matter what’s going on around you?

Up against struggle of physical or emotional
stress and strain,
stretching the limits with strife
surrounding the stains of life.
(poetic but painful) —

What do you do?

When the emotional squeezes last drips of energy
into entropy.

What do you do with creativity that is underneath layers
and layers
and layers
of everyday turned into every way
of confusion?

It happens to all of us.
(to some more than others)

The mind and life-work and everyday gets full
and pushes out the creative.

So instead of praying for a clear path,
can we clear the path?

Perhaps by clearing the mind,
centering on Most Important,
being the Person Meant to Be
(within the inner stillness),
the outer can be stilled, making an oasis
for creativity.

In that way, compliance to creativity isn’t forced.
It’s welcomed home.

* Thup

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