That’s what the title line says, on an empty blog: title (optional).

In other words, whatever you call the blog, or even if you skip the title, it really doesn’t matter. It’s the content that counts.

Some of us sit and wait until we have the right title to begin. The name has to be special. The parameters have to be just right. The project needs a overview. And in the process of naming the work, the body of the work is left blank.

Don’t get me wrong. Especially in marketing (as in sending an email or naming a blog post), you want to have a title that grabs attention and draws people in. But we often get it all backwards. We think we have to have the perfect title first. But titles are like a research project’s abstract. They come last, if at all.

The title is optional. It’s the body of the work that counts.
(let’s get to work.)