cheers, here-here, and *Thup.

One of the best parts of teaching fiction writing to teens is the inevitable bouts of enthusiasm and support that, like kernels of popcorn from a pot with no lid, fly around the online classroom. The chat box ka-poofs with spontaneity and authenticity, bringing a smile to my face.

Some believe that youth today are cynical and uncaring. Not so, Joe. The young writers that I get to hang out with are vessels of excitement about the craft. It’s contagious.

When someone makes a witty comment, the students giggle and verbally pat each other on the back.

When someone makes a mistake, it’s “no worries” and 😀 faces.

When someone makes a profound observation, the box fills with YES! and Yeah! and I KNOW! and I TOTALLY AGREE.

Support. Encouragement. Enthusiasm.
(We can learn something from these teens.)




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