The algorithm.

Algorithms can be cool.

Now before you believe I’ve lost my mind
and run screaming from the room,
read on.

I’m a Big Bang Theory fan.
And, as you know, I’m a fan of mugs.

So I was thrilled to get this mug
from one of my kids:

(Check this out…I think it’s a hoot.)

I saw this algorithm today, posted on Facebook
from one of my favorite coffee shops, Water Street:


Ha! Makes sense to me.

Algorithms make things so logical. And easy.
(Don’t you think?)

I wish there were an algorithm for most everything in life,
including writing.

But there isn’t.

Success comes through plain hard work and commitment.
Sure, sometimes a little who-you-know and luck can come into play.
But for the most part, it’s go, do, and dig in.

Oh. And have fun.
(Always, have fun.)

With passion, gratitude,
and a bit of woo-hoo, out-there craziness
that comes from loving the amazing life around us.
(I call this “kiss in the rain,”
kind of like the cover shot of The Notebook.)

Okay, forget the algorithm idea.
I’m up for rain.

* Thup

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