organised, organized.

No matter how you spell it, you and I need it.
(The Big O)

You want to find that thingamabob that you need, fast?
You need organization.
(Because you need to have a place for it, in order to find it.)

You have a lot of stuff, but don’t know where it is —
and want to use what you’ve got?

You need organization.
(Because you need to know where it is, in order to use it.)

You want to move between projects and responsibilities,
getting more accomplished — fast?

You need organization.
(Because you need a system that’s clear, concise, and
easily usable, to increase productivity.)

If you and I don’t stay on top of being organized,
then the pile-up causes mess-up.
Wasted time. Frustration. (“I can’t find it!”)
And, I must say, a general sense of BLAH that’s hard to lift.

This morning, I’d had enough.
(Yup, I was in the BLAH zone.)

So I took the morning to flit and dash and tip-tap-type within the realms of spacial organization, web page organization, email organization, datebook organization, and so on and so on and so on.

Deep. Breath.

Now. Now, I can write.

Maybe you need to get a bit of The Big O in your life,
in order to be more productive.
If so, I lift my cup to you. Have at it.
We’re in the same boat. It’s time to row forward.

* Thup

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