pass it on.

I’m finishing up a “Hero’s Journey” course today.
(not taking it…teaching it)

I’ve been designing this course for an online school
using Christopher Vogler’s
The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers,
where teens come and learn…and write…and write some more…
and grow.

So important.
(passing it on)

In fact, just for fun, I counted the number of courses that I’ve had the
distinct and fabulous honor of creating over the past two years for these cool people.
27. (my jaw dropped)
You see, I wasn’t keeping track. I just kept going. Creating.
(passing it on)

Back when I was a kid, eons ago,
we had a song called Pass it On that we sang around the campfire.
The song begins, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.”

Sparks ignite. New creativity, new beauty.

You see,
to pass it on is part of my mental blueprint.

I believe.
I do believe.
We’re all gifted in some way.
We all have something amazing.
Precious. A spark that’s only our own.

To share of ourselves is to be fully human.

And it’s through the sharing,
back and forth,
in and out,
through the ups and downs,
that we become fully ourselves.

You are unique.
(And it’s good.)
Pass it on.

* Thup

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