NOTE: The self-talk message today is brought to you by our valuable sponsor, Swift Kick in the Bum, who’s visiting my house and thought he’d share the wealth.

*clears throat*
Here we go.

The value of momentum can’t be overstated.

It’s not so hard to start a project, is it? Okay, procrastination aside, beginning a project is fairly easy. Ideas burst and jump in playful imaginations. Images holding near perfection float freely in our minds. Then we sit down to work, anticipation fueling our hands. This should be easy, we say. After all, we have an idea — and the idea feels alive.

So, with verve, the idea splashes onto the page. And we feel good.

The next day, waterfalls still play in our minds. The work continues, and we feel good.

The next day, idea rivulets move into tertiary streams. Ideas still flow, so we’re okay.

But then. Droplets. And dry spells. And maybe it even all-out-full-stops. GAH.

Maybe you were pulled away by schedule. Or relationships. Or health. Responsibilities in another area of your life fluxed and bulged, pressing and pushing time in a way that didn’t allow you to get back to it.

Whatever the reason, momentum stopped. And once it stops, it can be hard to get going again. Most of the time, the reason that I don’t begin again isn’t physical. I’m physically capable, even if it’s just putting in a little time. Oh, no. The reason I don’t begin again is emotional.

Frozen is  more than the title of a blockbuster movie. It’s our state, when momentum stops.

It’s time to get momentum going again.
With One. Little. Piece. Of. Movement.
One push.
Dig your heels in. (Go.)
(Simply get past the emotional and mental state, and let the physical momentum take over.)

Momentum is an asset that we can’t afford to be without.
* Thup

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