the power of belief.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of belief.

How much does our belief influence our ability to make the passionate, artistic side of us a viable career choice…and a successful career path?

(That was a long sentence.)

In other words, when it comes to being a writer (or visual artist, or screenwriter, or illustrator, or photographer, or poet) — how much does belief influence our future?

(This question has been bugging me.)

I made a 1 1/2 minute video for you here…

What do you think? Take this poll and leave a comment, if you will…

* Thup


  1. I believe we were all designed to be creative; to create. Some of us create art, some create fantastic food, some create business plans. While it might be more challenging to be “successful, I see no reason why art shouldn’t be a viable source of income, it’s just another form of creating and it has so much to offer. Just imagine a world without music, paintings or prose. We need art, therefore, it has value.

    • Agree — I’m thinking…society reinforces creators of business plans, while artists aren’t doing “real work”…or perhaps those who are the business-plan-minded creators don’t understand the work of the artist. We tend to discredit those who think or process life differently…

      Regardless, art = high value. A worth calling. I simply can’t imagine life without engaging in art.
      * Raising my cup to you

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