A valuable commodity. 
(The stories we tell ourselves create perspective.)

Quiet time.
An even more valuable commodity.
(Daily quiet time centers the mind and allows for creativity.)

A warm, cozy memory-maker that, 
once shared with a quiet space,
can bring a healthy perspective, faster. 

(yep. coffee, among other things, can do that.)


Oh, that we can use the moments of our day to 
seek wisdom…

to be better versions of ourselves
and to

focus on who we are
and on what we can give back — 
despite negativity, disbelief, attitudes, or
any other circumstance with the potential to tear down.

(Because no matter how hard we try, it’s true —
people will simply think, say, and do what they’ll think, say, and do.)

To humbly live out our lives,
gaining perspective in our quiet time,
drinking coffee,
continuing to grow
is sometimes
the best thing we can do.
(I’m raising my cup to you.)

is precious. 
is life-giving.
in yourself, who you are and what you do,
is priceless.

(Come choose the positive with me.)



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