vlog: the voice memo app

Here’s  a Vlog Minute for you…
And I want to know —
Do you use apps as part of your productivity plan?
Click here to watch. It’s short.

* Thup
So, one more thing…
can you tell by the video that I was in a really goofy mood and was laughing a lot beforehand?

Fun times — these videos are a hoot to make. A serious hoot. (oxymoronishness intended)

Even my coffee is in on the fun today…the bubbles made my stirrer stand up straight, which made me laugh out loud.

Gotta find the positive in everything, right?
(And gotta find the easiest ways to remember our ideas, with apps.)


  1. Loved your vlog, but I don’t have an I-phone. I’ll have to find out from my techy friend if my smart phone can do this. I am def NOT techy!

    • Some of the techy things I know come from my adult kids…they’re great “private tutors” in all things techy. Wondering…what has worked for you, to capture ideas? Any tricks to share? * Thup

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