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  • “If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is there to hear it, did it fall?”
  • “If you create a piece of art, but no one reads it, observes it, or interacts with it, did you truly create?

Of course you did. But who was the creation for, you or others? The real question is, was the value of your creation meant for others — and if it was, was the creation launched, caught, and held onto?

Because creating to share value is a game changer.

Writer — You can write the most brilliant text, but if the web text, email, or post is so long that “no one has time to read it”  — and your purpose was to add value — then it’s as if you didn’t write the words at all. Be brilliant, be concise, and press the button to share.

Artist — You can draw or paint the most brilliant pictures, but if they sit in your bedroom — and your purpose was to share your artistry with others — then it’s as if you didn’t draw or paint at all. Create and open the door to show your work.

Photographer — You can take the most brilliant photos, but if they stay on the camera or on your desktop — and your purpose was to capture beauty for others to enjoy, too — then it’s as if you didn’t take the picture at all. Press the shutter, print, and post.

Entrepreneur –– You can create the most brilliant product, but if your idea, plans, and product stay on the desk — and your purpose was to bring value to others’ lives — then it’s as if you didn’t create at all. Focus, then launch.

Your work, your creation, might be exactly what someone needs today.

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