coffee 2 Oct 4-14
Whether we’re ready or not
(or like it or not),
life is full to the brim.
Full of good. Of Bad. And of in-between.
(You and I both know it.)

Today, it’s raining outside, reminding me that
it rains on the just and the unjust alike.

(Life. Happens.)

So. Yeah. I just have to ask (you and me both):
What’s our response to today?

Will we stand back with distrust, disgust, and grumbling
or throw our arms wide, embracing the drops,
making meaning from the situation
(in a choice that’s good)

In your art…
In your business…
In your relationships…
In your plans for the future…

Some days black coffee is best.
(Strong black coffee that gets us to plow through, firm, resolute.)

But on other days, I say go for the foam.
Give yourself something special.
Cut yourself slack.
Purposefully list, list, list the good
and mull, remember, remind, and embrace the vision.

Then recast.
Take it head-on.
Dig deep, dig in.
Make it count.

* Thup
coffee Oct4-14


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