critical, for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur, you are a rare and significant breed. Few intimately know you,  and even fewer know what to do with you.

Your mind is on fire. All the time.

Ideas don’t simply follow you. They stalk, grasp, and struggle for your seconds, minutes, and hours.

Perceptions, concepts, connections, and intentions all tirelessly pursue — at times like baying hounds with frothing lips — and at times like children bounding with questions at your feet. Ideas and linear paths to answers dance and run away, pulling you along on a rope where you can’t let go. And as you’re pulled along, more ideas flicker, like running through a field in a dark night sky filled with fireflies in fascinating patterns that only you can see.

It’s exhilarating and sometimes tiring. But mostly it’s simply a fiery, frothing, bounding, dancing, breathtaking reality.

And in that reality, you are uncommon, unique. You know roomfuls of people. But who really knows you? You are the idea man, the idea woman, who gives to others. But who gives to you?

In the late hours when it’s black outside and a single light blushes in your dark room… when you look across the space and exist somewhere else, in the far away and intimate thought corners of your mind… what is it like?

Entrepreneur, you have critical needs. For understanding. For connection on a deeper level. For pulling back, taking a moment, and letting the orangish-red entrepreneurial fervor turn into a cool bluish-green moment of breath, appreciation, and quiescent satisfaction.

If I may be so bold…

Take care of yourself.
Take that time, today.
Life moves much too fast.
(Though your ideas are often your life breath, you a worth more than your ideas.)

* Thup



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