take a breath.

Take a breath.
(Really. Do it.)
(I will, too.)

Today is the deep breath, an in-between suspension of time
a day where you and I get to experience what’s most important in life.

It’s a time for out-of-body thinking.
The good kind of out-of-body experience.

To sidestep from the patterns and rules of the regular day
and to muse, meditate, reason, and reflect on
not just the four-wall realities around us
but also on the responses we’ve chosen for those realities.

Today, perhaps,
because it’s a pause from the crazy-schedule propelling us forward,
you and I can think in ways we don’t usually think.

Toss around ideas and concepts, play with notions.
Dream of, flirt with, and reckon with
those possibilities (what you’ve always wanted to do).

Maybe now is the time to do them.

Take that breath,
physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, relationally.
Rise above and look down.

(Change can be good.)

* Thup


  1. I tend to have a lot of trouble slowing down, as far as always wanting to be productive. It comes from overload, lack of time and the constant sense of urgency which increases as I’m getting older. I really do need to try to allow myself a few minutes of respite each day. Happy Thanksgiving, Erin! 😀

    • A “backwards truth” that keeps tapping at my shoulder: When we slow the momentum of overload, overwork, and urgency, those little moments of respite each day actually make our lives smoother, with more momentum, more results, and more enjoyment (and way more productive). Huh. #oxymorons Raising my mug to you, * Thup

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