making money.

As I sit drinking coffee at my kitchen table, something weighs heavily on my mind. It has to do with money.

Money comes, money goes. (Most of us hate the “go” part of money flying out of our hands, don’t we?) We all need cash to live, and it seems most of us spend cash way too fast.

(Can you relate?)

Gah. Money can be tough to come by. It’s hard work, to make a living.

Now here’s the truth: Most artists and creators are stuck between making a living and a living of making (creating).

Think about it.

We work jobs that aren’t the apple of our eye. Work is work; creating is a luxury. We bite the bullet, grit our teeth, and a dozen other metaphors that say, “I’ll do this other job — the job that isn’t the creative talent job — because I have to.” What you do for your creative job is more like a fun hobby (that costs us more than it makes us, in money).

But. Wait. A. Sec.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

Four years ago, I did the smartest thing I’ve ever done, when it comes to money. I started creating online courses. Set in eternal Internet vineyards, the courses grow grapes turned to wine. (Hang with me here for a sec.)

Just as well-grown wine sits and gets better, the opportunity of well-written online courses sits and gets better. If your course is even somewhat good — it gives superb info, is easily followed, and creates results — word of mouth takes over. It sells. Again. And again. Multiplication takes over.

Online courses support me, now. I believe it can be that way for you, too.

So. What’s on my mind is how to get across to you all the potential that exists in making money with online courses.

Listen: A super successful and smart person I know has SO much information to share with others in an online course. I’ve sat under his teaching. It’s superb. I’ve seen and read his work as an author. It’s superb. I’ve seen who he’s connected to. It’s superb. I’m convinced he’d make SO much money. But he, personally, doesn’t believe that online courses can really bring in cash, at least for him. Even though he’s successful and brilliant, he thinks that people wouldn’t sign up for his courses.

Oh. My. Gosh. I’m like, are you kidding me, dude?

I WOULD BUY HIS COURSE! And watch it again. And again. No lie. Even though I’ve already heard this guy talk and know him personally. (Especially because I’ve heard him talk and know him personally!)

So why does this very talented, well-known guy shy from making an online course? I want to talk about that. Because maybe it’s the same for you.

Because online courses can be, like they are for me now, your bread and butter. Giving you time to make a living by a living of making.

More on this next time. 
(I hope your appetite is whetted. Because I believe that everyone has something to share — and someone out there wants what you have.)

* Thup


  1. Erin, it’s great that you posted this now. I was just thinking about the potential of doing some online courses or workshops, but only have the vaguest idea of how and where to market them. I also get stuck at the get-go trying to decide what topics to create courses for. I’d love to pick your brain on this subject sometime and learn more about what you are doing. It’s heartening to know that you are doing well with it. Maybe there’s hope for me, too.

  2. My family has benefitted GREATLY from your online fiction writing. My son is on fire for writing from your teaching. Thank you! We are constantly recommending your courses. Happy to do my part for the word-of-mouth!

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