a cup well spent.

During the holidays, I find myself thinking deeply about the whole year. (You do that, too, right?) And it’s not just thinking about, where did the year go? It’s more.

It’s about about time. (Who did I spend time with?)
It’s about energy. (How did I spend my God-given energy?)
It’s about love. (How did I love?)

Sipping the cup of time is non-negotiable.The cup will empty. What’s important is this:

We choose to drink the brew of time that’s better or bitter.

Overall, as cup of the year nears empty, I’m thankful for family, for friends (you know who you are)… for opportunities enjoyed, and for the wings of adventure.

Metaphorically, what we put into our cup to drink is a choice. Smiles and laughter. Kindness and caring. Faith and truth. Humility and other-centeredness. Thoughtfulness and responsiveness. These are the active definitions of love.

I wish you all of this and more.
Merry Christmas.




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