java, java, java, java…

Anyone here remember the 1997 “George of the Jungle” movie
with Brendan Fraser?

Regardless of whether or not we guzzle too much coffee, if we’re not careful, our days can be java-java-java days —

Not focusing,
running cray-cray,
following every whim,
listening to what others say
(“Who me?””I mean you!””Ooh!”),
and ending the day with a general feeling of exhaustion or overwhelm.

(We all have these days.)

Daily Organization and Management 101 needs to kick in:
List the tasks.
Prioritize the tasks on time due and importance.
Do the tasks, in order.

HUGE programs are written on daily organization and management, and billions of dollars are spent every year on planners, day-timers, and fun sticky-note check-lists like this (which I own).

Because lists work.
I know you know this.
(I know this, too.)

Here’s to drinking our coffee and avoiding the java-java-java-java craziness through being attentive to simple organizational management skills.

* Thup

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