ashes to hope.

No matter what your faith, a how-to-live truth resonates with today.
Ash Wednesday,
where a cross is made in ashes on the forehead.

The ashes are a reminder that “we came from dust and go to dust”…
that out time here is limited.
Life goes by too quickly, most days…and
<<every single moment>> counts.
It’s about being aware. Present.
(Being awake but waking up.)
Fully living in this moment.
And this moment.
And this moment…
So. Stop. Take a breath.
Whatever you’re doing.

What is most important to me, today?
What can I do, in this moment, to breathe out the “death ideas” (ashes) and breathe in the “life ideas.”

What can I do today that takes me a little bit closer to that dream, that hope?

Like a phoenix, dying to the old way of thinking, of acting —
and rising in this very moment to something greater.
* Thup


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