Enough time.

I had 30 minutes this morning…
so, yeah, I learned from Kevin J. Anderson
(over deep-dish pizza in Gunnison) that
30 minutes is enough time to write.
Even 20. Or 15.
(Got a couple minutes? Write.
A couple minutes is enough time.)

I suppose that “it’s enough time” might be true for most things.
We tend to think that we need a larger amount of time to do something valuable…

The student…”I need more time to study for a test, so I won’t start now.”

The homeowner… “I need more time to take care of that project, so I won’t start now.”

The husband or wife… “I need more time to delve into this conversation, so I won’t start now.”

The writer… “I need more time to get in the muse, to develop this scene, to write something worthy, so I won’t start now.”

It takes only a minute to think, say the right thing, do the positive, get moving in the right direction.
(I’m talking to myself on this one.)


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