I left my phone home today.
(I feel really uncomfortable.)

Yes, my phone is a part of me.

As an entrepreneur-writer, the phone is way necessary. (Way.)
Answering emails = business, not pleasure.
With husband and kids, texting = key mode of communication.
(Phone = lifeline.)

Without the phone, I squirm.

That made me think about my latest novel
(of course).
Because novels possess you…
all the time, as in breathe-in, breathe-out.
(You know what I’m talking about.)

Okay, here’s the lightning strike:
What does my character depend on?
Something he has with him…and is used to having with him…
Something with responsibility attached to it….
(More than a phone.)
Especially for my Hero, do I have something like that
pressing and pulling at his life?

What does each character in my story possess, own, have
that’s a daily, hourly, minutely part of their lives (way necessary)
that, if that whatever-it-is gets “left home,”
the character is uncomfortable?

I need to write that in.

And if that object, person, or setting was taken away,
how would he/she react?
(I need to find out.)

Because if my character feels half as uncomfortable as I am right now,
then he or she will have to adjust,
have to deal with it negatively or positively (or both)
and I have something to work with.

“Uncomfortable” gives us something that our readers
will most likely get hooked into.

As in, keep reading.
(Always good.)

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