music & writing.

The soundtrack to the movie Thor: The Dark World came out.
I’m hooked.
Because soundtracks get me writing.

The link between music and productivity has been studied
for a long time, now.
And because I’m a musician who can’t live without
chords, modal influence, transitions, and lyrical lines,
you don’t have to sell me on how music affects the brain.

Soundtracks can increase my productivity twofold.
But I can’t listen to jazz and write. It’s agitating.
(Jazz is meant to be engaged with, says my brain.)

Does music make you think better?
Does music make you focus?
Will music help your writing?

It depends.
Different music affects us differently.
What I love, you may hate.
What gets me writing might get you loopy
(and make you run screaming from the room).

Point to take:
If you know your musical influences,
you can work it.

So if you Spotify, check out Thor.
I’ll be listening, too.


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