early to rise.

Early to bed, early to rise
makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
So they say.

Maybe it’s
Early to bed, early to rise
makes a writer productive.

Whadayah think?

Conventional wisdom…
I have to believe that there’s something in it.

I’ve tried both sides of the time monster:
late night (or should I say into the morning) and early morning.
(Today’s an early morning.)

Sleep has to matter, doesn’t it?

Awhile back, I watched a Nova-documentary-thingamabob on Netflix
about dreams and sleep.
A cool study showed that when people did a problem-solving activity at night,
then slept,
then got up and did the activity right away,
they performed better. And not just by a little bit.
But by a lot.
(Technical term…a lot.)

Early. Late.
(I can hear my thesis adviser saying in his typical wry manner,
“I don’t care when you write…just get it done!”)

Productivity matters.
I’m trying early.
* Thup

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