seeing double.

New word of the day:

Double is kind of like super sizing.
(Without the extra calories.)
Two. Of everything.

Yes, right now, I have two coffees with me.
(So I don’t run out tonight. I hate running out of coffee.)

Yes, I have two coats on.
(So, this evening, I’m not cold. I hate being cold.)

Yes, I brought two dinners with me to this kid event
where I have to wait for hours until they’re finished.
Count them. Two. A salad and a raw veggie bowl.
(So I don’t get hungry later. I hate getting hungry later.)

Double means being prepared.
(I like being prepared. Scouts honor.)

If I want to write an hour before the day is out,
maybe it should be two.
(So I don’t miss my upcoming deadline. I hate missing deadlines.)

Doubly prepared.
(Yes, I used an adverb.)


* Thup
* Thup


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