punctuation (and other things).

You may have noticed.
Sometimes. Okay, many times.
I like to mess with punctuation
(among other things).

Now, before you look at me cross-eyed,
Keep reading
to the end.

I’ve been wielding the red pen
for over 20 years
with college writing courses on down.
Yes, I’ve written the book (literally)
and designed a buncha courses
on how to “do it right.”

So, yes, I know about these things.

But sometimes, it’s better to break the rules.
For appropriate audiences, that is.
(that’s you)

For effect.
For power.

Don’t get me wrong.

Here at *Thup,
Certain Rules have to stay.

I mean. You know.
Like not using colloquialisms.

And writing in complete sentences.
And putting Capital Letters in the right places.
And spelling thingz right. Becuz we have dicshonaries, you know.
And not. overusing. techniques. for. emphasis.

Fiction writer.
Think of your WIP.
Changing things up can be powerful.

Difference gives the fiction reader
and a sense of emotion.

(Short equals Powerful.
Much stronger than long sentences.)

Think of your draft.
Changing things up can be powerful.

Difference makes dialogue distinct.
(Distinct dialogue = stronger characterization.
Memorable characters your audience wants to follow.)

Think of your first scribblings.
Changing things up is what you’re all about.
(I’m jealous.)

You have the most freedom.
Of. All.
(Freedom = enjoying language play.
A bigger sandbox means endless possibility.
funn. coolness.)


If you’re writing in academics
(especially in a class I designed)
ignore this post.
Stick. to. the. rules.

But if you’re a creative
(and I bet so, if you’re reading this to the end),
then lift your cup
and *Thup with me
across the miles
as we bend
and break
the rules



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