go for the foam.

I have a new saying.
(at least, for today)

“Go for the foam.”

It means (in short)
life’s too short.
Too short to get muddled in stuff, things, and whatever.

In other words,
sometimes you just have to
do what you wouldn’t typically do.

Just sometimes.
The same-old same-old doesn’t cut it.
THIS day needs something NEW.
(We all have those days.)

Forget plain black.
(we need some SNAZZ around here)

Forget simple.
(we need some WOO-HOO living)

Forget angst,
forget daily grind,
forget blasé.
(“Live a little.”)


What does your character need,
to break up the same-old?
What does your character need,
to let go of the cares and live a little?

Tell me.
Have you put your hero in a place
Where he needs SNAZZ and WOO-HOO?
(don’t make it all peachy-keen. nope.)

Just maybe.
In your story,
it’s more than foam
that your character needs.

Your hero needs a
dark night of the soul moment.
(Ooh.  And a Ryan Star”Right Now” moment.)

Give your character a scene where he decides to
color outside the lines.

Story form:

Let him go.
And then let him fall.
And then let him realize that “right now” isn’t all there is.
And then save him with the truth.
(your reader will find redemption in the ride)

* Thup


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