Johari’s hidden power.

I posted about the Johari Window.
(that thingamabob self-awareness tool
for personal growth)

In story,
Personal Growth = Character Arc.
(across story,
our character must grow. got it)

So. The Hidden Quadrant.
The hidden area is what we know about ourselves,
we don’t let others know about it.
We keep things hidden. as in secret area. by us.

One of the best areas to play with
for your character to grow
(and for your story to develop, overall)
is to develop the Hidden area.

Let me explain.
(it’ll just take a few seconds)

Some things in life are meant to be hidden
(kept under wraps)
because they’re normal human emotions
that we can deal with
and move on.
(everybody has them)

We don’t disclose everything.

If we said everything we feel,
the world would be a big hot mess of craziness.
We don’t say everything that comes into our minds.
(Well. Most of us don’t.)

Tip: try to avoid ‘over-sharing’ in your self-disclosure. Disclosing small, harmless items builds trust, however, avoid disclosing personal information which could damage people’s respect for you.”

And thoughts
(normal feelings)
once reined in
are okay.
(we move on)

Normal feelings surround us.
But they don’t make great story.
Swimming through normalcy
and surfacing
is part of everyday living.

Let’s get to story, now.

Some things in life
are not meant to be hidden
because they’re negative thoughts
that are out of control.

Feelings of unhappiness
and frustration
and anger
that grow into feelings of disdain.
Feelings of hatred.
pent up, built up, consistently piled up, ready to throw up.
on someone.

We all have negative emotions
of unhappiness and frustration and anger
one time or another.
(don’t we? let’s be honest, eh?)

Some of us let those negatives go.
Or Un-dealt-with.

We all have shtuff to deal with
(on an emotional level)
that, if expanded and spewed, becomes a
gargantuan mess.

Normal feelings
can become stirred and wild.
(Way beyond the norm stirred.)

Feelings may tie into
a well of emotion of the past
that’s not too pretty.

And our mind
rolls and rolls and rolls it
in a way that overworks the dough
and makes something tougher
than it would have been.
(if we just would have dealt)

So. Breathe with me.
(gosh, this got long.
but the payoff’s coming.
think of your story, here.)

With the second part.
(negative emotions)

Sometimes we need others
to help with the dealing part.
Sometimes we can take
quiet time and deal.
We. Need. To. Deal.

If we don’t deal with that hidden part,
people get hurt.

In s.t.o.r.y., that’s cool.
In r.e.a.l. l.i.f.e, that’s not cool.

Get this.
We’re talking story, here.

Hidden negatives are good in fiction.

Let your character hide her feelings.
Let your character keep things under wraps.
Let your character have secrets that get out of control.
So she can struggle and spew and spin.
(taking the reader along for the ride)

Then the reader can experience a catharsis of sorts.
(“the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from,
strong or repressed emotions”)

Isn’t that one of the reasons we readers like a strong story?

Hidden leads to turmoil.
(Put your character in turmoil.)

Today, I’m working on creating hidden parts
to my Hero’s life.
And to my Mentor’s life.
And to my Shadow’s life.

In story,
there’s power in the Hidden.

(I’ve been planning this for days.
Could be fun.)

* Thup


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