Johari Window.

When teaching undergrad students
in a leadership and management class (years ago),
we discussed the Johari Window. 

(keep your eye on the ball, this is cool…
for life and for writing)

the Johari Window is a
self-awareness tool.

Take a peek.

(I know. It doesn’t make much sense right now.
It will. Keep reading.)

In the model,
there are four quadrants.
(pretty easy to see, aren’t they?)

The quadrants represent what is known and unknown,
to ourselves and others.

(The big reveal’s coming.

Now look closer at this baby.
I mean,
read a little spittance below.
(new word…spit + pittance.
roll with me)

And after reading each spittance,
look at the corresponding
window pane.

(read the spittance,
then put your finger here.
peek at the window, super quick.
then come right back.)

(it pays off. really. do it.)

Open Quadrant.
The open area is
what we know about ourselves us.
what others know about us.

(this is the “open book” part of us
that we all see and get)

Blind Quadrant.
The blind area is
what we don’t know about ourselves,
others know it about us.

(This is the dreaded Blindspot…
the part of our lives that
really hurts us sometimes.)

Hidden Quadrant.
The hidden area is
what we know about ourselves,
we don’t let others know about it.

(kept hidden. as in secret area.)

Unknown Quadrant.
The unknown area is
what we don’t know about ourselves
no one else knows it either.

(the subconscious, unconscious, deep self)

I know.
This isn’t grad school.
Seriously. Trust me. It’s relevant.
(just one more second…)This Johari Window Thingamabob
is about
personal growth.(AHHhhhhhhhh)
personal growth.
Personal. Growth.

Think Character Arc.
Character Arc = Personal Growth
Johari Window = a tool for writing character
The Johari Window is amazingly excellent for developing character
because it’s so simple and easy to see.
“One of the greatest gifts
you could give yourself
is to seek, find, and apply
truth in your life.

This is the path to becoming
a healthy person.
Aligning yourself with the truth
permits a better person to
eventually emerge from within.”

For you.
For me.
For our characters.
Tools are cool.
Tools facilitate.
(Tools get you writing.)

Try looking through the Johari Window.

Especially that hidden part,
which can bring
super fabulous facets
to your characters’s lives and arcs and plot points.
(more on that tomorrow)

Off to writing.
(Time to step into that scene…)

* Thup

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