imagining magic.

This is the year of imagination and magic.

You see, I believe in New Year’s Resolutions. But more than that, I believe more in New Year’s Actions. I know, I know — semantics, semantics. Resolutions are intended actions — intentions so strong that, by definition, they root deep into our heart and soul places, never to be pulled or ripped by anything or anyone contrary. Roots so entwined, so thick, that the only possibility that grows from those roots is conquering the impossible. Resolutions. Good word.

But I like the word action better. There’s something about the word action that’s magical.

And I intend to have a magical year.

Imagine with me: The most fabulous outcome. The best of the best imaginable. Reaching with fingertips outstretched, taught, to touch and fully grasp and hold.

What is it? What do you believe can — and will — happen?

“We are consistent with who we believe we are.”
(Tony Robbins)

“As a man thinks, so he is.”
(The Bible, Proverbs 23:7…also
James Allen’s inspiration for his 1902 book…
but I digress…)

Intentions Minus Actions = Squat
(from the book, The Servant, by James Hunter)

Intentions + Actions = Magic

Little actions. Each moment. Each hour. Each day. (“every moment of every day is a new now”) We decide. It starts inside of us. We have complete control over our decisions, our mind, our attitude (no matter the outer circumstances). And all three lead to the magic.

Imagine with me: Your biggest and bravest moves. The highest heights. Then make your New Year’s Actions. Don’t just dream. Make magic by choosing right now to live  in the dream.

Then. Oh, then. Action. Break your imagined reality into little bitty steps. Figure it out (you’re smart). Walk the steps. One at a time. Work it. Make the private moments count. “People are rewarded in public by what they practice in private.” (Tony Robbins)

What do you imagine?
Come on. You have just as much a chance as the next guy, to make it happen.
Make the magic.

* Thup
(it’s a new morning)

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