a binge.

I’m on a positive input binge.

Sometimes it’s with Tony Robbins. Or John Maxwell. Or Wayne Dyer. Or Norman Vincent Peale. Or Zig Ziglar Or. Or. Or.

There are so many resources, to create success. To become better. To be happy. To grow and enjoy life. Why not take advantage of the wealth of power behind growth? (There’s nothing to lose.)

Because what we put in creates who we are, who we become, and what we experience. Right now.

Being real.
Being on top of things.
Being positive about solutions.
Recognizing challenges without being negative.
(Or taking negative and, with level understanding, thinking critically, in a way that moves forward.)

Intentionally appreciating.
Creating curiosity instead of being judgmental.
Being intentional.
Not quitting.
With the power and courage of faith.

(So that you can get your art finished. And do it well.)

The goal is to be better, not to be perfect. Contribute more. Be more.
It just might make you uuber productive…
and feel good, too.


PS. Here’s a little something, if you have 14.24 minutes.

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