hours of work.

Sometimes, when it comes to getting things done,
Time of day doesn’t matter.
It’s simply where you can fit the hours in.

10 PM. 4 AM. Noon.
(Yes, these are the hours I’ve written in the past 24 hours.)

Some people think that creating in craft is play. Relaxing la-la artistry to be had at any time. Because it’s not an 8-4 or 9-5, you’re considered as not really working.

Well. Let me tell you.
Honestly, most artists and creators I know work more hours than any 9-5er. (humph)

Now, I’m not complaining. I didn’t mind getting up at 4 and writing for three hours. It was quiet and productive. I actually love working like that. And coffee can go anywhere, at any time, in to-go mugs, paper, or ceramic. It all works.

But don’t ever think that I, or any other artist, is a slouch. Oh no.
(Please restrain me from a tirade.)

I’ll respect the 9-5ers, you respect the 10, 4, and nooners.
We get it done how we get it done.
(It’s all work.)

* Thup


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