not what it seems.

Truth can hide.

The outside can appear to be strong, but in reality it’s weak.
(Pain and uncertainty hovers beneath the cardboard exterior.)

The goal can appear to be clear, but in reality it’s undefined.
(Dreams can appear to hold flesh, but the dream’s skeleton isn’t wrapped with the muscle of action.)

The fear can appear to be monstrous, jaw-drooling, and ready to devour, but in reality it’s a miasma-filled Balrog dissipating in swift gusts when the warmth and heat of hope shines crisp on the fine lines of the future. 
(Time spent alone, in quiet thought that burns and dissipates mistruth, can redirect, redefine, and remove fraudulent, untrustworthy, counterfeit ideas that, ultimately, imprison us.)

Truth can hide.

Because you and I are used to seeing a picture of a coffee mug at the end of this blog, we can make the assumption that this blue mug holds coffee.
It doesn’t. That’s a picture of yesterday’s Chai Soy Latte.

Truth can hide.

Especially in the echo and lull of our day-to-day schedule.
Especially in the whoosh-whishing wind of our day-to-day hurry-ups.
Especially in the earthquakes of our emergencies and the spilt emotions of cracked histories.

Don’t let truth hide. Face it.

Make the weak ideas, attitudes, and beliefs strong.
Wrap dreams with action.
Spend time alone, waking up to the reality of what can be, when we embrace truth and run with it.


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