dream vs. do

“To dream is to create the future.”

I don’t think so.

To do is to create the future.

I know quite a few dreamers, including myself, who have no problem finding (and exercising) the creativity
to imagine a magnificent future.

But it’s the ones…

who find the stepwise pathways,
who break the tasks down small enough,
who commit to the little steps,
who tick them off the to-do list,
who write out the “boring” schedule,
who run a calendar like a finely tuned BMW,
who return to the plan again and again,

who create the future.

Dreaming is fine. But doing is better.

* Thup


    • Ah, yes, let’s ponder some more…

      Catch this:
      Dreamers and doers are not two separate types of people…
      We’re not labeling one or the other, and the positions aren’t exclusive —

      Rather, we’re both.
      Doers don’t need dreamers;
      in order to create a future, we need to be dreamers who do.

      * Thup!

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