Finding Will-I-Everland…

The 2004 movie, Finding Neverland (starring Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, and Julie Christie)  is one of my favorite films. The touching story captures Sir J.M. Barrie‘s friendship with a family who inspired him to create Peter Pan.

And what makes the film truly shine is this:
It shows relationships, connection, and love… 
and it shows loss, confusion, and pain.

It’s honest.

And according to Ben Franklin…


So let’s be honest.
What we say to ourselves matters.

Our “inner words” — those words we say within our minds —
are hurting us more than we know. (And it’s time to stop.)

Whether our words are spoken aloud or stay quietly pitter-pattering around in our heads — those words are incredibly powerful.

And “Will I ever…” contains three of the most limiting words around.

Will I ever… write the book?
Will I ever write the song, publish the story, launch the website?
Will I ever create that thing that I always wanted to create?
(Will I ever reach that dream?)

You and I will never find Will-I-Everland.

So read and own this Truth:
The very nature of the words — Will I ever — will keep us from getting to our goals and dreams. Will I ever is a phrase full of doubt, questions, and fear.

To get to a destination —
to accomplish and make it happen —

                                    We have to leave Will-I-Everland behind.
So what should replace Will-I-Everland?

Well, it’s not WHEN, either.

the book is finished…
When the song is written…
When the story’s published…
When the website’s launched…
(Etc., etc., etc.)

When still limits us
WHEN puts our focus on the future…

AND — because the best words, for results, are compelling — words based in activity, movement, and the forces of life that make us alert and alive — and move us past “the plan” and into the power of doing.

So the answer is in the word, NOW.

The word now brings us focus.
Now makes us act.
Now pushes us, drives the work forward, and builds momentum that gets us there.

“Oh, come on. Are words really that important?”


Try this —

Right now,
I’m sitting down to write 200 words.
Right now, I’m carrying my notebook, to capture that idea for new lyrics.
Right now, I’m emailing a web designer to get a quote.

Right now, I’m both making a decision and acting on it —
in some small way or in a big way —

I’m stepping forward.

And if you or I can’t move right that second
(because we’re at work or have an appointment to run to),
then say,

“Right now, I am making a date with myself —
putting it on the calendar, committing to making it happen.
And I’m going to show up.

But if you can…
Right then.

Do one. small. thing.

Stop “Will-I-Ever?”
Stop “When I…”

Be “I am.”
(Do it now.)

When it comes to the words in our minds,
the words in our mouths,
the words influencing our lives…

Let’s be honest.

Only then can we make intentional changes
and step forward with doable actions
into the now of accomplishing.


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